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Online CPC Courses

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Why EMT CPC Ireland?

From EFR , EMT and those progressing up to Paramedic Level, EMT CPC Training deliver short and long CPC classes and master classes.

Started this venture in 2017 running small courses for voluntaries locally such as the Civil Defence and Order of Malta, shortly after this we found ourselves running courses from Tralee to Donegal for clients including St John’s Ambulance and Irish Red Cross.

From the feedback We realised that the courses we are running are different to other CPC courses due to the large amount of hands on time students get and learning through scenarios and real life experience rather than just listening to a powerpoint presentation.

Our instructors have years experience in providing pre-hospital care within the Irish Ambulance Service, as well as providing training to private ambulance companies and private medical training companies.

Learning Never Ends !



Courses delivered by experienced operational Advanced Paramedics

Death by Powerpoint

Here to teach you to save lives so we’re not going to kill you with boring powerpoint !

Scenario Based

Courses taught uniquely with the use of Scenario based learning

Online CPC Courses

Learning never ends so with restrictions we have now developed online courses.

Our upcoming courses

From EFR , EMT and those progressing up to Paramedic Level, short and long CPC classes and master classes.


Master Class in Respiratory & Cardiovascular systems

This session is run using University Technique PBL (problem based learning) facilitated by Advanced Paramedic tutors.

A more in depth look at the anatomy & physiology of each system.
Scenarios will be based around real life cases investigating the root cause of the illness and utilizing differential diagnosis ruling out various possibilities until the condition is found.

Through this process students will build upon their existing knowledge as well as expanding their learning from experience in the group and consolidated by the
AP tutor.

A very much questions and answer session with a focus on advancing students patient assessment techniques as well as their understanding of the function of both systems and illness which can occur within.


An enjoyable session for EFR and EMT practitioners or those progressing to paramedic level.

Pick up hints and tricks from AP tutor over their years of practice.

The day will be hosted by PJ Commins and taught by Advanced Paramedics

Available to Advanced Paramedics / Paramedics / EMTs

Book the whole day for €150, Spaces are expected to fill quickly. To secure a place you can pay a Non-Refundable 50% deposit or pay in full.

06th of May 2023

The Maldron Hotel, Oranmore, Galway H91K7FA


Previous Courses

Just a sample of some of the courses we run

Paediatric Emergency Medicine

We are Proud to announce the release of our brand new course which is being run in collaboration for Act for Meningitis.

The night will be hosted by PJ Commins along with

– Siobhan Carroll – Founder of Act for Meningitis / Patient Advocate
– Donal Lonergan – Advanced Paramedic PALS Instructor
– Deanne Gallagher – Microbiologist / Student Paramedic

All Proceeds of this Course will Directly be going to Charity

February 2nd 2022 | 19:30 – 22:00

July's 12 Lead ECG's (Letterkenny)

Our full day introduction ECG course for EMT’s (7 CPC Points)

Check our Facebook for more details.

– Review the basics of an ECG
– Discussion lead cases with two Advanced Paramedics

Safetech Consulting & Training, Neil t Blaney Road, Letterkenny, County Donegal

Book the whole day for €150

16th July 2022 09:30 am


Anaphylaxis & Differential Diagnosis (3 CPC Points)

IWe are delighted to announce the return of one of our most successful online courses which focuses on :

Patient assessment
Differential Diagnosis
Anaphylaxis Mechanism of action
Effects of anaphylaxis on respiratory & cardiovascular system explained
Mechanism of action of the three main medications used

This course is run by our resident Advanced Paramedic Tutor: PJ Commins

19th October 2022 19:00 – 22:00


Maternity & Obstetric Emergencies - Dublin

We are very pleased to announce our full day Maternity & Obstetric Emergencies course. Worth 7 CPC points

Check our Facebook for more details.

The day will be hosted by PJ Commins and taught by Ann Murray (Maternity Training Nurse Tutor) and Derek Nolan (Advanced Paramedic Tutor)

Available to Advanced Paramedics / Paramedics / EMTs

Book the whole day for €150


Cardiac Patient Assessment - Clonmel

Are you short CPC Points ?

If so join us for our highly popular: Cardiac Patient Assessment and gain 3 CPC Points

– Non Verbal Clinical Impressions
– Common Chest Pain Causes
– Understanding the Why’s of MI’s
– Reviewing Chest Pain Complaints
– Identifying a STEMI
– Assisting 12 Lead Placement
– EMT Cardiac Pharmacology

Talbot Hotel , Clonmel E91 XON7
November 16th 2022 | 19:30 – 21:30

November OSCEs are coming !

If so Join us for our classroom based revision course which will focus on:

OSCE Breakdown and Skills
Significant OSCE Practice
Scenarios based around OSCEs and CPGs
Mock OSCE demonstrations
Medication Refresher

20th November 2022 09:00 – 17:30
CHSI , Oranmore, Galway, H91ENW2

Infections Disease Patient Assessment 2CPC - 27th October 2021

Given the success of our last two sold out courses, we are once again running this unique course which will focus on:

– Understand the Mechanism of Bacterial and Viral infections
– Recognise and Treat Mild vs Severe Infections
– Develop Detailed Patient Assessment Interview Skills
– Understand Community vs Hospital Acquired Infections
– Protecting the Practitioner from exposure

Training Delivered by: Advanced Paramedic Tutor and Microbiologist

Open to CFR/EFR/EMT/Paramedic Levels

27th Of October 2021 / 19:30pm

Book you place now for €50

Geriatric Patient Assessment

Are you short CPC Points ?

If so join us for our highly popular: Geriatric Patient Assessment and gain 3 CPC Points

– Age Related Diseases
– Non Verbal Clinical Impressions
– Detailed Patient Assessment Interview Skills
– Reviewing Common Heart Conditions
– Stroke types explained
– Recognition & examination of stroke
– Geriatric Pharmacology

October 21st 2021 | 19:30 – 21:30
Available for all levels for €60

What our customers say

Just a sample of testimonials find more on our Facebook page

Interview Prep

2 June 2019

I completed the Paramedic interview prep course with EMT CPC Ireland. Highly recommended him, especially for anyone interested in applying for the HSE Student Paramedic Program.
The prep and help I received throughout definitely helped me get a good place on the panel and score well in my interview. They covered aspects I would never thought about covering. They kept in contacted with me throughout, from my application to my interview and would always reply promptly if I had any question or issue.

A. Doyle

Student Paramedic

CPC Course

16 Nov 2018

I have attended cpc courses run by Emtcpc Ireland and found them extremely well delivered with excellent tutors based at a level to cater for all levels present. All participants were very happy and were delighted with the way they were treated.

B. Moran


Learning taught with hands on scenarios not power point!

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